Bonjour! (Yes I’m learning French)

Once upon a time, a girlfriend invited me to an Acting Seminar, in which we had to film a monologue. It was shown on a big screen in front of the whole class. We only attended the seminar because it was interesting. Everyone else there were seasoned actors. Needless to say, is was quite embarrassing because the insturctor did not even bother to critique our work.

A year later I saw a interesting Groupon… 1 month of “on camera acting classes” at Studio 105 in Long Beach. I bought it, loved it, and lived it. I was inspired to take other classes and also completed some Acting College courses. I had found a new passion later in life that I am still continually nourishing.

2014 was the year of my first headshots and I’ve been working every since.

Favorite Flower – Starburst Lily

Favorite Music – EDM, Rock

Pets – Pretty Kitty – Coral @sweetcoralkitty

Hobbies – Belly dancing, drums, & singing

God is the Way, the Truth and the Light…I want my life to be enveloped in Truth, so I can see the Light that will show me the Way. —by me

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